Have Vaccine Shot Pain? Use Healthnetics Hemp Balm.

Arm soreness is common after the COVID-19 Vaccine shot? Try Healthnetics Hemp Balm for vaccine sore arm pain.

Wondering how long will your arm hurt after the COVID-19 vaccine? You do not have to suffer any longer. Reduce swelling and pain after your COVID vaccination with Healthnetics Hemp Balm.

Suffering from soreness and swelling after the first dose? Order our Hemp Balm before your 2nd dose. We ship quickly, customers typically receive their Healthnetics orders within 2-3 days. Our customers are using Healthnetics Hemp Balm to address arm soreness after their first and second doses.


Whether you are using Moderna or Pfizer, arm soreness is common after the COVID vaccine. Not only can this be painful, but it can also cause sleepless nights.  Bundle Healthnetics Hemp Balm and Hemp Drops for the ultimate vaccine relief.

Getting rid of soreness and swelling from a vaccine shot is simple. Add a pea-sized drop of Healthnetics Hemp Balm to the affected area.

Just got your CVS or Walgreens coronavirus vaccination? You’re doing your part to slow the spread, you don’t have to suffer through those aches and pain. Use Healthnetics Hemp with Emu Oil for vaccine pain.



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