Testing Reveals That Not All Hemp Is The Same

There has been a lot of positive talk about Hemp but not every product is able to deliver. 

Not all Hemp products are created equal. Testing performed by a team under the direction of Dr. Oz found that many Hemp  products are misleading consumers.

Dr. Oz Hemp Testing

Last month Dr. Oz took to the Breakfast Club, a popular syndicated radio show and talked about Hemp. His appearance came with a warning about a lot of Hemp products. Unfortunately, the results further proved that many Hemp brands are doing the public a disservice.  

Independent lab tests found that some so-called Hemp products have been misleading consumers. 10 out of 13 specimens “were fake” according to the noted tv doctor.  The investigation tested “a mix of Hemp infused products, ranging from edibles to liquids and creams.”

 Some contained THC when labeling indicated that the item was THC-free. One alarming test revealed that a product “contained no Hemp, but it did test positive for potentially deadly levels of ethanol.”

What to Look for in Quality Hemp

Healthnetics offers a high-quality hemp-derived solution in the form of balms and elixirs. All Healthnetics products are 100% THC-free ,all natural and routinely lab-tested for purity and potency.

Any Hemp product that you purchase should:

Undergo Lab testing.  Search the consumer website for any Hemp product that you buy to find out what independent lab testing has determined about the products. If there is no lab testing involved, you can not be sure what you are consuming. Healthnetics results are always available by scanning the bar code on our Balms or Drops. Lab testing details the ingredients,  the amount of Hemp in our products, and the quality. 

All Natural. Be sure that the brand is using pure Hemp isolate and that you are not being overwhelmed with fillers. We use Certified Emu Oil and all-natural ingredients and organic fruit extracts, with no additives or unnecessary fillers.

Safe for the entire family. Healthnetics products are always 100% THC-free, so your entire family can safely use them.

With this in mind, Healthnetics wants customers to be assured that our products only include natural ingredients. Every product that you buy from our line of balms and drops can be linked to their unique results.

Consistently, our products are 100% THC-free and proven to have the quality that customers deserve. Healthnetics ingredients are developed by growers and farmers in the USA. The entire process is monitored during the growing cycle. So, before Healthnetics products reach customers, the level of quality is affirmed.




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