Healthnetics Addresses Hemp Questions & Misconceptions

Healthnetics Chief Education Officer featured in news.

At Healthnetics, we’re committed to providing quality Hemp products and education. Many customers visit our site having never tried Hemp. Others have used other brands and might be looking for a better quality Hemp brand.

Whether you are new to cannabidiol (Hemp) or have tried a variety of brands, you may have some confusion surrounding Hemp.

In a recent article, we had the chance to clear up some misconceptions and answer some pressing Hemp questions. Here are the questions that we addressed:

Hemp and marijuana. What’s exactly is the difference?

Is Hemp legal? If so, for what products?

Who uses Hemp and what evidence is there of its health benefits?

Is Hemp safe and what are the side effects of using it?

If someone is thinking of buying a Hemp product, how should they evaluate it?

Can Hemp get you high?

If I use Hemp products, is it possible I could fail a drug test?

What should I know about Hemp products?

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